Does the cost of traditional marketing methods (newspaper, TV, radio, and Yellow Pages) have you down?

We help your Brevard County Business engage with customers in a way that is more effective than traditional marketing at a much lower cost.

Many large companies are turning to social media, mobile, and web based marketing over traditional methods and this trend is increasing.

Of Fortune 100 Companies:

  • 35% Have Corporate Blogs
  • 50% Have YouTube Channels
  • 54% Have Facebook Fanpages
  • 65% Have Corporate Twitter Accounts

And, they are using them:

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cfl Internet Marketing will provide personalized service to help you engage with your customers through social media, mobile devices, and the internet.  We help you get on the same playing field as these Fortune 100 companies at a cost much lower than traditional marketing methods.  Best of all the results of our marketing methods are totally trackable by metrics.  You will see the direct results of our work.

Our services fall into three categories:

Mobile Marketing - we’ll help your business get found by customers and engage with them on their mobile devices -  see why this is critical

Social Network Marketing – we’ll help you engage with customers in a way that is much more effective than traditional marketing media – see why this is critical

Web Based Marketing - we help you optimize your website, market via email, and integrate consistent branding across mobile, social, and web presence – see why this is critical

We are a local Brevard County Small Business that provides personalized services for other Brevard County Small Businesses.  We take on a limited number of clients in each niche area.  We sit down with our clients on a regular basis to discuss goals and progress through metrics.  We work with each client as a team since your success results in our success.

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